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When we calculated how fast we need to replace the fossil-fueled machines in our lives to get to net zero emissions by 2050 — well, we got to 24 million new heat pumps, induction stoves, heat pump water heaters, rooftop solar systems, and electric vehicles nationwide over current baseline sales between 2024 and 2026. That’s a lot. But it becomes a lot more manageable as we zoom in to the local level.

For Hennepin County, Minnesota — home to Minneapolis and 540K households — that's 33K heat pumps in the next three years, and right now, they’re only on track for 4K. For Broward County, Florida — home to Fort Lauderdale and 750K households— they just need 3K more units than business as usual, for a total of 78K heat pumps.

You get the idea. Now go check the pace of progress your city, county or state needs to hit.

What can I learn from this tool?

These projections from Rewiring America worked backwards from the emissions targets for 2050, and forward from current sales of machines for cooking, water heating, space heating, transportation, and rooftop solar to set a number of new clean electric machines that must be sold each year to reduce emissions from fossil-fueled machines. Type your city, county, or state into the search bar to get those numbers broken down for your area, by each machine category.

While creating this tool, one of things we found is that some individual communities and states are leading the way: their goals are bolder than the rest of the country and so don’t match the path laid out in our data. That’s a great problem to have. So our tool should not be considered the only source of its kind -- but one that reflects only one of the possible paths to decarbonization.

How should I use this tool?

You can use this tool to set targets for the homes in your community or state — and to measure your progress toward electrification. Understanding these targets can also help you plan what kind of contractor workforce you will need, how to help families afford the improvements, and how to explain the policy goals to the public with real numbers.

Whether you are a local leader, a reporter, a curious homeowner, an electrician, a student, or anyone else who cares about going electric, this tool is for you.

Why and how did we build this tool?

We built this tool to get down to basics — it’s not just about big policies like the Inflation Reduction Act. It’s about every single induction stove. That which gets measured gets done. Here’s our yardstick, and the methodology behind it.

Why can’t I find projections for my city?

Due to data limitations, we’re only able to provide projections for cities with approximately 50,000 residents or more. But don’t worry, you can still find projections for your county and state!

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